Windreiter New Years Greetings 2020

Dear Heliumheads, Friends and Followers,

the Windreiter project has been rather silent the past year, however internally many things happened and the advance of airship development never stopped. While wishing you all the best for the new year 2020, we believe it could become a decade of new and even successful lighter than air stories. As the word efficiency started to be meaningful again in aviation and transport airships could rise up once more to the skies.

We continue to supply stuff to approach the lighter than air world from the model side. So we are increasing our support for research, university and school projects and especially to the new FAI class F7B that allows real model airship races with a world wide ranking. We´re sorry, that many of the inquiries of the last year could not be addressed properly by our small hobbyist team and we have worked hard to offer soon standard solutions for most of the problems. So actually we start in the next days with offering a set of robust standard airship envelopes with worldwide shipping available via webshop. We´re highly increasing the output of our high quality airship envelope manufacturing and hope to fulfil all your needs in the shortest time!

Further the new iteration number 8 of the silent_runner DIY airship is in development and the first flight tests are pretty close. We´re excited to further increase robustness, speed and agility of this successful model airship and publish it to the enthusiasts out there.

Make sure you don´t miss the two already announced airship races that are coming up in 2020:

– 06th June, Berlin, Germany: The Famous Peter Behrens Hall, Airship race, FAI listed

– 03th October, Ashford, UK: The airships associations Airship conference and regatta

More info on airship events and the Windreiter adventures are coming soon.

Further we´re actively searching for airship enthusiasts who would like to join the Windreiter team either in person or with remote work on various running projects.

Many greetings and all the best wishes for 2020,

The Windreiter Team

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