FAI Open International Class F7B Regatta

In November 2019, the first Official FAI Open International Class F7B Regatta was held in Friedrichshafen. That means over 10 competitor model airship pilots met to show their skills and developments. The Windreiter teamed up and travelled to the home of the famous Zeppelin including 3 silent_runner airships to join the race.
Flying airship over the heads of thousands of visitors of the Intermodellbau Tradefair, the lighter than air spirit was passed to the fascinated audience. Within the race, held on Saturday 2nd of November, 12 airships from different countries flew a figure 8 parcour as fast as possible. To account for the very different sizes of the blimps, a racing formula implements factors based on the volume of the ships to allow small ships to mess with larger ones equipped with huge motors.
Even though, the silent_runner is not really a racing airship, its agility and smooth flight made it a decent racer and put the Windreiter Pilots to the second place winning the silver medal.

Group Picture

The next races are already scheduled and will show more and faster regatta arships in the rising community of lighter than air enthusiasts.

Make sure to join the next race and write us a note to info@windreiter.de to enlist for notifications.

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